Signs You Are Ready for Spiritual Ascension With Teal Swan

Spiritual Ascension involves:

  • Creating your life as a grand and magical work of art.
  • Becoming the master of “reality.”
  • Recognizing you are an integral part of the Divine.

The truth is that we all hold within us the possibility for spiritual ascension because we all have Spirit inside us. So the question isn’t: Would I like to create my life as a grand and magical work of art? Instead, the question is: Am I willing to give up what isn’t working in order for something divinely better to come into my life?

Everyone has the potential for spiritual ascension; however, not everyone knows they have this potential. Are you ready to grow beyond your current level of awareness so that you can experience a more heightened and deepened state of enlightenment?

Spiritual advisor Teal Swan believes there are signs that show that you are ready for spiritual ascension. If you can relate to at least four of the following signs, this could be an indicator that you’re ready to take your life and spiritual practice to the next level.

You Have Outgrown Your Old Belief System

The old way is not working for you anymore. You no longer believe what you used to believe, and you’re questioning everything you’ve been taught. You find yourself easily triggered and agitated by certain people and situations, and it is difficult for you to relate to people who still believe in the “old” way of doing things.

You Can Finally Handle Your Emotions

You no longer drown your emotions with food, alcohol, or any other addiction in order to escape. Instead, you are willing to let your emotions flow through you because you know the only way to get to where you want to go is by allowing life’s natural flow.

You Can See the Bigger Picture

Your consciousness has expanded enough for you to see the bigger picture of what is happening all around you. You can see through the illusions and distractions of modern society, you know what is real and what is not, and you are more open to seeing life from a new perspective.

You Don’t Take Things Personally Anymore

You don’t take things personally anymore because you understand that we live in a world where we need everyone to experience everything in their own way. You understand that everyone is on their own journey, and even when you’re in the middle of difficult emotions, you know it’s not about you.

You Know That Everything Will Be OK

No matter what happens, everything will be OK because you know to trust the flow of life. You know that there’s always a reason and purpose for everything, and you no longer try to control life because you understand that this level of consciousness is just not enough.

You Are Happy With Yourself

You are happy with yourself, even when things go wrong or people betray your trust. This is because you know what it feels like to be loved unconditionally, and as such, you no longer seek love outside of yourself. You are slowly overcoming your fears because you know that the only way to overcome them is by experiencing them.