How to Get the Best Deal on a Car?

Don’t you love a good deal when buying anything? When purchasing a vehicle, getting the best offer will make you feel like you’ve won the lottery. With proper upfront preparation, anyone can buy a car that ticks all boxes. Use these tips to get the best offer in town.

Make comparisons 

You will never go wrong by doing prior research about the car you want to buy. Being an informed buyer helps you know when the deal is too good to be true. Check the car price and see how much others are paying. Some allow you to determine what the vehicles have been selling for by indicating the actual prices other have spent at the dealer.

It’s best to approach a dealer knowing what you are looking for. Making comparisons helps you know which dealer is offering the best prices. You may also get to know how much the dealer is paying such that you don’t insist on an offer that makes them make a loss.

Timing is Everything

Do you know there is a time of the year you can get your dream car at an unbelievably affordable price? So timing is critical. Car experts recommend you make your purchase at a time when manufacturers release new models. That is around September or October. During this period, the dealers mainly sell their vehicles at low prices to clear them for new inventory.

Alternatively, make your purchase during the festive periods. Like in December, most car dealers offer new and used cars for sale at exceptional bargains. Their motive is to attract many shoppers during this time and push up their end year sales. Take advantage of such and buy your dream car.

Let the Salesperson Make the First Offer

When buying a new or used car, never suggest the price first but allow the seller to name the initial offer. Allowing the salesperson to make the first offer gives you an upper hand in the negotiations. You can then counter-offer at a lower price. If you know the sticker price or quote their selling price, give a 30% price below the offer. Negotiate from this amount until you meet at a middle ground.

Base Your Negotiation on Purchase Price and Not Monthly Payments

You should never make the mistake of negotiating based on the size of monthly payments. Always use the purchase price. When you use the former, it isn’t easy to know the purchase price since many factors come in. Negotiating based on monthly payments may make you settle for an unreasonable interest rate that damages your credit.

Find Out About the Processing Fees

Always inquire about the processing fees before signing any car deal. These costs will add to the purchase cost. They can be a couple of hundred dollars, and they vary from one dealer to another. Find out what they entail and negotiate for a better deal on the processing fees.

You can buy any new and used cars for sale online once you read the reviews from other buyers. In doing so, strive to get the best deal by making prior comparisons, timing your purchase, and even knowing the processing fees to avoid any inconveniences.