Four of the Biggest Online Tech Trends to Make Money From

The rise of Youtubers is one of the biggest online tech trends today
Photo by CC user yakobusan on Flickr

Over the past few decades, technology has changed the lives of millions. Cell phones keep us in touch wherever and whenever. Fiber optic cables carry hundreds of channels at one time. The internet allows users to buy just about anything, from anywhere. Innovative companies and individuals alike are now making fortunes from technology.

Hundreds of new opportunities have opened up to people thanks to new technologies. Here are four of the most popular.

Content Writing

No longer do newspaper and magazine editors hold the fate of budding freelancers. The internet has opened the door for writers of all skill levels. Web sites such as Upwork and Freelancer provide a platform for members to sell work. WordPress allows bloggers to market their skills and showcase their work, one-on-one with clients. Anyone willing to work hard and learn the trade will have success with any or all of these new ways to enter the world of freelance writing.

Online Gambling

Poker players worldwide have made fortunes playing Texas Hold’em online. Most countries have made online gambling legal, the UK laws are fairly straightforward along with America’s (although there are a few restrictions). Another popular game, online bingo, draws millions of players every year. People who enjoy bingo can now play from the comfort of their own homes, anytime they choose. Of course, gambling online requires a certain amount of trust. Many websites now dedicate themselves to reviewing online gaming sites. Bingo players, for example, can go to Bingo Find for a rundown of the world’s best online bingo sites. Many sports books now feature online betting. Astute players can make money without ever picking up the phone.


Everyone with a phone, tablet, or an actual camera, has a shot at fame and fortune on YouTube. Of course, this rarely happens overnight. For a YouTube video to make any real money, it must get thousands of views. Even so, plenty of entrepreneurs have made fortunes on YouTube.

Twenty-Three-year-old amateur filmmaker Jamal Edwards has earned over twelve million dollars posting music videos. The viral 2007 video “Charlie Bit My Finger” has logged over eight hundred and ten million views and made hundreds of thousands of dollars for the family.


The website Fiverr provides a marketplace where digital art and design professionals, writers, programmers, and web designers offer services, called gigs, starting at five dollars. With extras such as twenty-four-hour delivery, higher quality, and bulk pricing, the cost of a gig can go over one-hundred dollars at times. In a similar fashion to eBay, sellers receive ratings from buyers. Good ratings lead to higher rankings in buyer search results and more work. 

In truth, technology has created thousands of ways to make money that would have been unheard of just thirty years ago. These are just four of the most popular.