6 Reasons to Invest in IWC Schaffhausen Watch in 2022

IWC Schaffhausen watches are a pioneer in the watch industry and a favourite among horologists. It is an ideal combination of advanced American engineering and Swiss craftsmanship. IWC luxury watch manufacturers are the first ones to create digital timepieces. They have continuously innovated to stay the world’s number one luxury watch company. IWC watches represent quality and precision, which helped them become one of the premier watchmaking companies in the world.

IWC Watches – What is So Special About Them?

IWC watches are perfect for people who love pure innovation. Rather than focusing on celebrity endorsement and marketing, the company has put in its effort to create unique timepieces and go the extra mile regarding technical innovation.

If you are a fan of watch design, then buy an IWC watch without hesitation. While the watches might not be as over-the-top as some other timepieces in the market, they bring a balanced combination of aesthetics and functionality to the table.

Is IWC Worth Investing In in 2022?

Are you considering investing in IWC watches but not sure whether it will be a good investment? Here are some reasons that make IWC watches a worthy investment.

1. Unique Combination of Design and Functionality

Every IWC is designed and manufactured with optimum functionality and precision, making the watch more available over time. Some of these innovations can only be found in IWC watches and not other premium timepieces on the market. The sophisticated designs and optimum functionality make the watches valuable and worthy of investment.

2. Limited Edition Watches

Fond of collecting and wearing rare and vintage timepieces? Then IWC is just the brand for you. IWC releases limited edition exclusive watch designs that become rarer with time. Owning even one such design is a matter of pride and prestige.

The design and functionality of these limited-edition watches are far superior to others in the standard collection to increase their value. Therefore, these watches are considered a significant investment by many. So, if you own a limited edition IWC watch, you can resale it at a much higher price than what you bought.

3. Superior Technical Innovation

Technical superiority is another reason to buy an IWC watch. This is one factor where IWC is way ahead of its competitors in the market. Unlike many other premium watch brands, IWC has focussed solely on enhancing its technology and features.

IWC are known in the market for not spending too much on marketing but investing heavily in cutting-edge technology. This watch company employs the best engineers and tech designers to push the boundaries of innovation and make IWC worthy of investment.

4. Timeless Designs

IWC is mainly known for offering limited timepieces crafted carefully and with love to increase their value. This specific watchmaker, among many other things, is also known for its iconic designs that never go out of style. The designs are simple and elegant. The brand believes and values what is inside the watch rather than just external looks.

5. Durability

IWC watches are the number one choice for people who prefer a style with durability and accuracy. This is why divers, motor enthusiasts, and pilots opt for IWC Schaffhausen over other premium watch brands. Below are six categories of IWC Schaffhausen that have been crafted for long-time wear.

  • IWC Pilot Watch: crafted exclusively for pilots and comes with a built-in Chronograph
  • IWC Portugieser: Famous for its compact, timeless designs
  • IWC Aquatimer: a collection of dive watches made for sailors and divers
  • IWC Ingenieur: known for its versatile and sporty designs
  • IWC Portofino: A collection inspired by the Mediterranean lifestyle
  • IWC Da Vinci: this collection is known for its complicated but classic designs

6. Status Symbol

One of the reasons for buying a luxury watch is to attract people’s attention. That is one of the distinguishing factors between a beater watch and a premium timepiece. As stated before, IWC has been long known for its understated, sophisticated and limited-edition designs that make the timepieces collectable items.

With its classic designs and out-of-the-world technology, the brand has created an image respected and admired by all. The watch adds gravitas and dignity to your personality and overall look without being too flashy and over-the-top.

In Conclusion

Over the years, IWC watches have proven to be significant assets for investment. Research the brand a bit more and go through the collections to decide on the timepiece you want to add to your closet.