The 3 Most Important Reasons to Keep Your Blood Pressure Down

In most places in the world people are struggling with controlling their blood pressure. The incidences of high blood pressure and its related illnesses, have risen to epic heights and is now nearly an epidemic even in children. This regrettable fact is one that has so many of us very nervous all the time, because having high blood pressure creates a range of really bad consequences for people.

The causes of high blood pressure are well known. All of the experts agree that too much refined sugar and sodium, a sedentary lifestyle, being overweight, excessive stress, smoking, and consuming too much alcohol causes raised blood pressure. When someone does several of these for a period of time, the blood pressure can stay dangerously high. The safest route is for us to navigate ourselves toward healthy blood pressure habits. But because there are so many unhealthy food choices easily accessible, and stress causing situations form a large part of most people’s lives, mots people struggle to keep their blood pressure in check. But because high blood pressure can be so detrimental to one’s health, this is a battle we must win. Here are three major reasons for you to keep your blood pressure down.

To Avoid Really Bad Health Issues

We all need a good blood pressure to pump blood throughout our bodies, but when your blood pressure is too high, over a sustained period, it will most always have the following effects:

  • damages and hardens the arteries.
  • weakens the artery walls, making them more likely to break or burst.
  • promotes fatty plaque buildup–called atherosclerosis–which narrows the arteries and restricts blood flow.
  • increases the amount of work the heart has to do – this can eventually enlarge and weaken the heart muscle.
  • The culmination of the wear and tear caused by high blood pressure increases the risk of stroke, congestive heart failure, and kidney failure.

So You Can Participate in Fun Activities

When you have high blood pressure, your doctor will restrict your physical activities and anything you might do that will cause excessive physical or emotional stress. This can exempt you from many activities like sports and participating in strenuous activities with family and friends.

In a case where high blood pressure has not yet caused too much physical harm to the body, the doctor might limit your physical activity for a period of time. He will also prescribe medication to lower your blood pressure. Many men are not fans of high blood pressure medication because in some men this medication causes erectile dysfunction.  The inability to not be able to perform in this way can cause depression, frustration, and outright anger. The good news is that there is medication called Viagra that can assist in alleviating this particular side effect. The even better news is that you can buy Viagra online from Online Doctor LloydsPharmacy. Using this product will allow you to eliminate some stress which might help with your blood pressure.  

A final great reason to keep your blood pressure down is so you are around for your friends and family. Blood pressure rises with age so most people suffering are older and may have other health issues as well. Relieving the symptoms of high blood pressure will allow you to be around to see your kids and grandkids, graduate, marry and live their own healthy lives.